The New Storytellers aims to bring ethnic and cultural diversity to children's literature in Romania. 

Working closely with a community facilitator, our authors will design and deliver 12 storytelling workshops for a group of 12 Roma children ranging from 10 to 12 years old. The workshops are meant not only to serve as documentation but also to enhance the participants’ creativity and to develop their storytelling skills. The children will develop stories through creative games, drawings, short video recordings, and writing.

The authors will then use the collected narratives to write an illustrated book infused by the children's stories and by the rich tradition of Roma folktales. 

In the long run, we strive to replicate this project in other European countries and to organize creative writing workshops for aspiring Roma authors.


"It's one of the best adventures in my life!" - this is what Antonio, a 12 year-old Roma boy, told us when he was part of our project Live From Giulești.

We successfully piloted our project from June to September 2016, when we co-authored a community-based urban art initiative - Live From Giulești. A team of artists worked for two days with 19 children and teenagers from Giulești-Sârbi, a marginalized neighborhood on the outskirts of Bucharest. 

We engaged the participants in five different challenges that prompted them to share stories about their life, through creative activities and a final interview. They also took pictures of their neighborhood and they showed us their talents.